Wedding day tips

1. Engagement Sessions

Engagement photography sessions are wonderful for many reasons. Engagement photography not only provides you with wonderful imagery capturing your pre-wedding romance, it also gives you the chance to create a wonderful presentation at the wedding. By request, we often use engagement session imagery to create wonderful slideshows, guest sign-in books, event cards, invitations and more!

In addition, the engagement session also allows you to get to know your photographer a little more prior to the wedding. This allows you as a couple to build a better relationship with your photographer. This relationship will allow your photographer to create more natural and unique imagery since he/she has a good understanding of your unique personalities and tastes.

Here are two tips to get the most of your engagement session. First, think of a meaningful place to the both of you. For example, the place you went on your first date, where you proposed, or another special date place for the two of you.

Second, plan the engagmeent shoot session as early as possible. The rule of thumb is at least 90 days from the wedding date. But the further out from the wedding the better. You will be able to enjoy your images in your home, create nice wedding invitations and stationary, and you won't be rushing to add one more thing in your already busy schedule.

2. Planning for Hair & Make-up

Hair/make-up artists are notorious for making brides late. As the bride, tell your hair & make-up people that they need to be done a whole hour before they actually need to be done. For example: If their pictures start at 3:00, schedule your hair and make up to be done at 2:00. And if you do get done at 2:00, then you have that time to relax with your girls.

* If hair/make-up is done off-site, only travel with one other and be sure to schedule that person's hair and make-up appointments with yours. You will need to be ready for pictures a whole hour earlier than the rest of your bridesmaids, so traveling with all of them in one car is sure to make you late.

3. Limousines & Classic Car Drivers

Some drivers might not be as punctual as you are. Make sure that you are adamant about pick-up and drop-off times, and also be sure to give them accurate directions. Allow for plenty of time so the driver is not rushing the photographer to be done before their next job's pick-up.

4. Brides, Be Responsible for Your Dress

Do not let someone else cart around your dress. For example, we love mom, but, on more than one occasion we were sitting around ready to go, without a dress. Thus wasting valuable photography time.

5. Organizing Family Formal Pictures

If you have family members that you know typically run late in your immediate or extended family, be sure to give them a 30 – 45 minute buffer. For example: Tell family members to be there at 4:15 if their scheduled picture time is 5:00. Be sure to give them accurate directions. Another special thing to do that will also assure that everyone is informed on picture times is to send a personal note, e-mail, and or phone call to each member saying something like, "We really love you and care about you, and want you to be a part of our special day...Here is the time, place, and accurate directions to get there."