What if we don't live in North Atlanta area?

If you aren't able to make it to Atlanta for a meeting, I'd love to speak to you on the phone or Skype video chat. Or if you're really sure you want to book me, we can even arrange everything over e-mail, though I like to get a sense of who you are too. Travel on the wedding day is included in my full day price for all of North Metro Atlanta Area, with travel around Atlanta also included for the engagement session.

Do you travel for destination weddings?

We love to travel and see the world. We have shot on-location in various cities throughout theSoutheast Region. Travel expenses will be pre-determined, approved by you and added to your final price - we will handle the travel booking details.

Do we get the digital images?

Color and exposure corrected, printable jpegs are included in most of my wedding packages. You may use these files for any personal, non-commercial use that you like. Print them, share them, make yourself a book if you like.

Why should we buy photos from you, if we can print them ourselves?

Edited jpegs on your disc are lightly processed (colour corrected, contrast and exposure adjusted, sharpened) and best for printing at 8×12 or smaller. If you order prints from me, I will edit them further, specific to the size of the print ordered. This can include skin retouching if necessary or requested, sharpening, and any special edits requested. I will also ensure that my monitor is calibrated correctly for my professional printing lab so that they come out exactly as envisioned. My professional printing lab has the highest quality standards for printing.

Why use a second photographer?

A second photographer can capture all of the moments that one photographer just can't. At a typical wedding, I will photograph the bride and her girls getting ready before the ceremony, and my second photographer will photograph the boys; or vice versa. Having a second photographer also allows us to take some additional group or family portraits prior to the wedding, so as to make the portraits after the ceremony quicker. During the ceremony and reception, the second photographer can capture the events from different angles. I often will get the second photographer to photograph the cocktail hour and take photographs of the reception decor, while I take portraits of the couple and wedding party.

I also look at the second photographer as a form of insurance. If I suddenly fall ill or a piece of my equipment (such as a memory card) fails, the second photographer will capture any important moments that I might miss. We tend to photograph the key events, such as "the kiss", first look and the first dance, at the same time from different angles, so in the unlikely event of an unrecoverable memory card failure, you will still have some photographs of those moments.

What if you're sick on our wedding day?

First: we've never missed an event. I won't let a little cold stop me, but if it's something really bad or contagious, I will find you a replacement. My second photographer or assistant will arrive as intended, and if qualified, the second will become the primary photography. I will also call people from a list of other local professionals (10+) that I know until I find someone who can shoot your wedding or act as a second photographer/assistant. I will edit all of the photos myself, if possible, so they will still have my personal touch.

What happens if my event is canceled?

I will refund any payment in excess of your retainer fee. Please understand that once I commit to your date, I am also saying "NO" to all other potential clients - that's the reason why I would not be able to refund a retainer fee.

What if something goes wrong with our files?

I will either shoot with two cameras or with an assistant/second shooter. This ensures that if something goes wrong with one of my cards, you'll still have the photos from the other camera/person. I also only use professional quality cards, which come with effective recovery software if the card becomes corrupt for some reason.

I'm very careful never to lose cards or files from a wedding. I keep all of my new and used cards in a card wallet, which stays on my body all day. Once I arrive home from the wedding, I immediately download the contents of the cards onto my computer, check that they all downloaded correctly, and copy them onto an external hard drive, which I store in another part of my house. Then I make one more backup that I keep at an entirely different location just in case. Once the editing is finished and the files are converted into full-sized jpegs, the jpegs are backed up again in 3 places and copied onto USB key or DVD for the clients.

What's the difference between having a professional photographer shoot our wedding or having an amateur or friend do so?

Amateur or semi-professional photographers will have varying levels of skill and professionalism. Some things you'll find with me that you won't with many of those others include backup equipment, file backup procedure, a solid plan if I can't make it to your wedding, professional equipment, good reviews from past clients, experience with weddings in general and at various local venues, experience with my professional print lab and album companies, a personal and financial investment in my business that makes me care deeply about my professional reputation, the desire to constantly keep learning and improving, and a commitment to great customer service.

How many weddings do you shoot in one day?

I will only book one wedding per day, unless they are both less than two hours and several hours apart. I want to be able to focus all of my attention on your wedding and stay later if needed. I try to only book one full day wedding per weekend, so that I'm well rested for each wedding.

How many photographs do you take at a wedding?

I typically shoot between 1200-2000 photos myself, with my second shooter or assistant shooting slightly less. I usually deliver 50+ photos per hour of shooting, though this number is usually higher for shorter weddings. The number of photos taken depends on what's happening at the wedding.

What else do I need to know before hiring you?

It's up to you, but aside from what you can see on this website, there are two other things I suggest you do to find the right photographer for you.

1) Ask to see a full wedding gallery. If you e-mail me and ask, I can provide you with a password for a full wedding gallery on my website. This will allow you to see exactly the sort of work you can expect to see from your wedding day and can assure you that I am capable of providing great photos throughout the day and in various lighting conditions, rather than just the few great photos in my portfolio.

2) Set up a meeting, a Skype chat, or a telephone call to see if we get along and have similar ideas about wedding photography. We're going to be spending a lot of time together and you should be comfortable having me around. We'll likely have an engagement portrait session, along with portraits on your wedding day, where it will be just you two and me. I'll also be around all day at your wedding, and you probably want to make sure that my personality meshes with the spirit of your day. It can also be easier to ask any other questions you might have in person or ove the phone.

How much do I need to pay to book with you and "Save my Date"?

I typically accept 50% of the total service amount upfront to lock in your date, then the remaining 50% is due at least 2 weeks prior to your wedding date. I have made this decision because we would hate to bother or hassle you about payment on the day of your wedding - it's YOUR time, enjoy it.